Benefits Of Hiring Lawyers For Workers Compensation Cases

  • 4 Things To Avoid If You're Trying To Secure Disability Payments

    8 September 2017

    When it comes to being hurt and not being able to work, this can create a great deal of anxiety for you. There are bills that must be paid, and you may constantly be stressed out about how to make financial ends meet. The best thing you can do may be to claim to get disability. If you're successful in doing so, you will be able to secure a monthly check each month.

  • Are You Eligible For Worker's Compensation?

    29 August 2017

    Not being able to work because of illness or injury is a terrible experience that leaves you feeling powerless. It's even worse if it's because of a work-related injury. But if this is the case, you may be entitled to worker's compensation. Speak to a worker's compensation attorney at a law firm like Mordhorst Law​ about your illness or injury to find out if you might be missing out on benefits that you're legally entitled to.

  • 3 Questions To Ask Your Auto Accident Attorney

    24 August 2017

    The key to building a strong case will rest in the amount of evidence you can provide when it comes to an auto accident. It's essential to be as prepared as possible prior to meeting with an attorney that specializes in this area of the law. Of course, knowing some of the right questions to ask in this situation may be extremely helpful to you for getting the results you want to have.

  • Truck Accident Attorneys On Contingency? Benefits To You

    8 August 2017

    Lawyers work on cases in one of three ways. They get paid, they work on contingency to get paid, or they work pro bono (and get paid nothing because they write off their time to charity). It is highly unlikely that you can get a truck accident attorney to work your case pro bono, but it is understandable when you cannot hire a lawyer and pay him/her. Thankfully, there are truck accident lawyers who work on contingency.

  • Tips For Dealing With The Insurance After Your Auto Accident

    31 July 2017

    When you experience a car accident, you will find that you have to deal with the insurance company in order to file for compensation. Unfortunately, auto accident claims can be something that you may not know how to manage. In order to help you avoid potentially costly mistakes as you are seeking compensation, you should be aware of several tips as you move through this process. Review Your Insurance Policy

  • Non-Owner Liability For Dog Bite Injury

    17 July 2017

    Many people assume dog owners are automatically responsible for injuries caused by their animals. This is generally true, but as usual, there are exceptions. Here are examples of people who may be solely responsible for a dog bite or share the responsibility with the dog owner: Landlord It's rare for a landlord to be held responsible for injuries caused by a tenant's dog, but it's possible. If you are injured by a renter's dog, you can only hold the landlord liable for your injuries under two conditions.

  • Two Reasons Why You Should Let A Lawyer Handle Your Car Accident Case

    11 July 2017

    If you've recently been involved in a car accident, you understand just how physically and emotionally devastating such an event can be.  You may have sustained the kind of injuries that have forever changed the way that you live your life.  If this is the case, you deserve to be duly compensated.  Although you might be close to signing on the bottom line because you've been offered a settlement, it may be better for you to take a step back.