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Main Causes Of Drowsiness Among Truckers And How To Get Justice After A Collision Caused By A Fatigued Driver

by Marilyn Olson

Fatigue can lead to devastating crashes if it affects a driver's ability to navigate their vehicles effectively. The situation can be even worse if the drowsy driver is a trucker. In such a case, they might hit several vehicles, leading to extensive property damage and severe bodily harm. If this happens, the truck driver and their employer may be held responsible for damages caused by the crash. This is especially so if the issues discussed below cause drowsiness.

Common Causes of Drowsiness Among Truckers

Truckers should take a rest after driving continuously for several hours. However, some do not adhere to this, especially when they want to increase their earnings. Some truck companies also force their truckers to overwork, e.g., if they're under pressure to meet clients' supply demands. In these cases, getting meaningful rest might not be possible. Drivers who take a lot of caffeine may also experience drowsiness because the drink will likely disrupt sleep patterns, leading truckers to fall asleep at the steering wheel.

It is impossible to tell whether a trucker is fatigued, so you need to be careful when sharing the road with big rigs. This includes allowing enough space between you and the truck and giving way when necessary. Unfortunately, you may still collide with a truck regardless of taking necessary precautions. If the crash causes property damage and physical injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Therefore, contacting a truck injury attorney to assist you in holding the responsible parties accountable is wise.

How to Hold the Wrongdoers Accountable

A collision caused by a fatigued trucker can leave you with life-altering injuries. This may bring about dire financial repercussions that might make your recovery more challenging. In particular, the cost of treatment and a possible loss of wages can cause financial stress to you and your family. This might prompt you to consult a lawyer to find out the available legal avenues for pursuing compensation. The legal practitioner will investigate the crash to determine the parties to hold accountable for your losses. Moreover, they ascertain the most viable legal action to take, depending on the specifics of your case. They then take the necessary steps to help you get the settlement you deserve under your state's laws.

It is illegal to operate a big rig while fatigued. Thus, you can take legal action against a trucker or their employer if you're involved in a collision caused by a fatigued trucker. A truck accident injury lawyer can assist you in getting compensation. 

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