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How To Get Justice After Suffering Injuries When Riding In A Taxi

by Marilyn Olson

The success of rideshare services has motivated more people to venture into the business as part-time or full-time drivers. This has led to increased vehicle crashes involving cabs and other vehicles. Therefore, there is a possibility that your driver might get involved in a collision when riding in their taxi. As a result, you might suffer severe bodily harm requiring costly medical services. When this happens, you might wonder about your legal rights and how you can get justice. Below are highlights of what the law states about these accidents and how a legal advisor can help you get your rightful payments.

Taxi Companies' Accident Policy

Taxi companies offer accident coverage to passengers who suffer injuries when riding in their vehicles. Situations, when you can get compensation, may include instances when a collision happens because of the taxi driver's negligence. You can also get compensation when an uninsured or underinsured driver hits a taxi. However, you may only get compensation if the taxi driver or the other driver was fully responsible for the crash. Therefore, you may want to enlist the services of a car accident lawyer to investigate the crash and gather evidence against the wrongdoer.

Suing the Taxi Company

It is challenging to take legal action against the taxi company because most drivers are independent contractors, not employees. Therefore, your first defendant will be the cab driver if you're injured when riding in a taxi. However, there are instances when you may also bring a claim against the cab company. Your legal advisor will evaluate your case and determine whether you stand a chance against the company. They will then prepare a strong claim that will enable you to get compensation under their accident policy.

Importance of Legal Help 

Compensation for your injuries may cost the taxi company or the insurer a significant amount of money, especially if you suffer severe injuries. Therefore, they might try everything possible to minimize liability and your rightful payments. For this reason, consider hiring a legal advisor to fight for you and ensure you get the payments you need. They will get evidence that the cab driver or another motorist caused the collision. They will then argue and negotiate on your behalf when dealing with the taxi firm or the insurance company. In addition, they will provide compelling evidence to convince the insurer to offer you the highest payment possible for your injuries and losses.

If you're injured when riding a taxi, you need to contact a personal injury law attorney to start building a compensation claim immediately. They will investigate the crash, gather evidence, and take legal measures against the wrongdoers to enable you to get justice and compensation for your losses.

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