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Don't Ignore Knee Pain After A Commercial Truck Accident

by Marilyn Olson

When you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, the type of injuries you suffer is usually much more severe. You're also more likely to suffer a larger variety of injuries. For example, your knees might start to hurt after the accident, and your doctor might inform you that your knees are injured if you see a doctor shortly after the accident. Knee injuries can lead to a lifetime of rehabilitation and pain. Therefore, it's important that you receive compensation for your knee injuries.

Knee Injuries

When you are suffering from one pain as a result of a truck accident, you may suffer from a limited range of motion, soreness, pain, bruising, stiffness, and discoloration. If the truck rear-ended you, this might lead to your knees colliding with the steering wheel. If you had a head-on collision, your car might be crushed in a manner that damaged your knees. 

One of the challenges of knee injuries is that they are not always apparent. You will need an examination from a specialist and in-depth testing. You will likely need an MRI and you may need to see an orthopedic doctor. 

Medical Treatment

If you are experiencing pain, you will want to find out how severe your injuries are. Most knee injuries resulting from an accident are sprains and strains. You will usually be asked to rest, compress your knee, apply ice, and perform physical therapy exercises. However, these can still be debilitating injuries that can prevent you from working. You may be entitled to medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

Even after you recover from a knee injury, you might continue to experience pain for a lifetime. For example, you might experience pain whenever it is cold out or whenever you are running. This can prevent you from enjoying activities. If you are tired of this, make sure to contact a truck accident lawyer and seek the compensation you deserve.

Your Claim

The commercial truck driving company will likely have a much higher cap for what they can offer as a settlement for your knee injuries and any other damages you face. However, they will use every trick at their disposal to deny your claim or to offer a very low settlement.

After you accept the settlement offer, you will have to agree to not sue the company in the future. Therefore, you'll want to work with a truck accident lawyer who can help you determine what your claim should be worth and help you seek the compensation you deserve.