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Three Defendants That Will Want To Settle Quickly In A Personal Injury Case

by Marilyn Olson

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, a quick settlement is often what you want. The idea of going back and forth, especially when the other side is debating the legitimacy of your injury, is draining. Some injury suit defendants won't be keen on settling early, however. They'll use their legal representatives to cast doubt on your case and threaten the idea of going to court for a judge to decide what, if anything, you're owed. There are others, however, for whom settling quickly — even if it costs them a considerable amount of money — is advantageous. Here are three such defendants.


It's possible to take legal action against a casino for a number of reasons. You might have slipped and fallen, suffered food poisoning, or even been assaulted by a member of the casino's security service — each of which could lead to a personal injury suit. Such suits often make headlines, which means that regardless of the specific details of your case, the casino will be getting what it views as bad press. Casinos are often highly lucrative businesses that don't want to suffer from diminished revenues as a result of bad publicity. As such, you shouldn't be surprised to receive a quick settlement offer from the casino.


An airline is another business entity that may want to settle your personal injury case in a very short amount of time. Like a casino, an airline doesn't want a lengthy negotiation process with an injury victim that includes a lot of coverage in the media. Such cases can seemingly get blown out of proportion, and the airline may feel that outraged travelers may look to travel on other airlines. Whether you hurt yourself while on the airplane or perhaps sustained an injury from a flight attendant accidentally spilling hot coffee on you, you can look forward to wrapping up your case quickly.


Various types of unfortunate events can occur in restaurants, including slips and falls, that can lead to legal action. If your personal injury suit against a local eatery — especially a fancy one or one that is part of a chain that has deep pockets — hits the local or even national media, this may be deeply problematic for the restaurant. It knows that ongoing press coverage can quickly cause a decline in its patrons, who may be sympathetic to your situation. Many restaurants will therefore aim to settle with you quickly so that the story stops getting publicity.

If you need help negotiating a personal injury settlement, whether with these types of defendants or someone else, contact a local attorney who practices personal injury law