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4 Top Reasons For Semi-Truck Accidents

by Marilyn Olson

Semi-truck accidents can have serious consequences; when big rigs get into accidents, they tend to be big accidents. Understanding the reasons semi-trucks get into accidents can help you, as a regular driver, avoid getting into an accident with a semi-truck.

#1 The Size of a Semi-Truck

One reason semi-trucks get into accidents is because of their size. Semi-trucks weigh considerably more than a passenger vehicle. All that extra weight causes more serious damage when a semi-truck gets into an accident. Additionally, semi-trucks who are carrying a full load take significantly longer to stop than a passenger vehicle, so they need more time to react to changes in traffic. The need for extra stopping time can contribute to the occurrence of an accident when the driving situation changes suddenly.  

#2 The State of the Semi-Truck

Another reason why semi-trucks get into accidents is because of the maintenance required to take care of a big rig vehicle. Although there are federal and state laws in place to ensure trucking companies take care of their vehicles, it is up to individual trucking companies to ensure all their vehicles always meet federal safety standards. This is often truer of older vehicles in a trucking companies' fleet than newer vehicles.

#3 The Alertness Level of the Driver

Next, the alertness level of the driver plays a role in trucking accidents. Many truck drivers do not run local routes; they run multi-state routes that keep them on the road for days at a time. There are federal laws specifically created to help curtail driver fatigue on the road; these laws are designed to make sure that drivers are not driving tired, which can contribute to accidents. Drivers who do not follow these federal guidelines or are forced to drive more than they should by their employers are more likely to get into accidents.

In addition to the number of hours that a driver has worked and rests, there is also the issue of being distracted. Semi-truck drivers often communicate over radios with other drivers and have to enter in GPS coordinates and map out routes on the go; all situations which can take away from the driver's focus on the road and contribute to an accident.

When driving around big trucks, always remember that not only do they need more time to react to changing circumstances, the drivers behind the wheel are balancing multiple responsibilities as well. If a big rig crashed into you, contact a lawyer to help with your personal injury attorney services to help you build a case. The attorney can help assigns the fault and responsibility to the driver of the big rig and help you reach a fair settlement.