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Helpful Tips For After A Motor Vehicle Accident

by Marilyn Olson

Most people are involved in at least one motor vehicle accident at some point in their lives. Whether your car is hit from behind by a semi truck while sitting at a stoplight or you hit a motorcycle splitting the lanes on the highway that you didn't see, it is vital you know what to do after an accident happens. Not just the basics of not fleeing the scene, getting as much information about the other driver as possible, and getting prompt medical care, but all of the other things necessary to later win a personal injury case if it comes down to one being necessary.

After you are involved in an accident, make sure you follow each of these tips to improve your chances of settling with your insurance company or winning a personal injury lawsuit:

Tip: Only Speak to Law Enforcement, Your Own Insurance Company, and a Personal Injury Lawyer About Your Case

Just after the accident happens, it is appropriate for you to:

  • Speak to the other driver to see if they need medical attention

  • Gather insurance and contact information from the other driver if they are able to give it to you

  • Gather the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses to the accident

  • Speak to law enforcement officers who arrive on the scene

However, it is vital you avoid giving your opinions about the accident or talking about any possible fault you may have for it. Keep things professional, answer appropriate questions, and seek medical attention. Don't apologize or use other language that could later be misconstrued as guilt.

After you are back home and trying to work with your insurance company to recoup your losses, avoid speaking to anyone else involved in the accident. This includes an agent from the opposing party's insurance company or any lawyers you have not personally retained.

The opposing insurance company should be asked to call your own agent, and if you are contacted by a lawyer, then you need to retain your own and have the two attorneys speak with each other.

Tip: Don't Post About Your Accident on Social Media

While you are waiting for your personal injury case to settle or go to court, avoid the temptation to post your frustrations on social media. Anything you post can later be used against you if your case goes to court, so simply not posting anything will prevent this type of problem down the line.

Finally, if you frequently post on Facebook, take a minute to do their security checkup and view your page as a public user. Scroll through everything that comes up and ensures there isn't anything there that could be used against you or somehow discredit you in court. 

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