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Baby And You: Personal Injuries And Pregnancy

by Marilyn Olson

Most women take extra special care of themselves throughout a pregnancy. It's only natural for the mother and other loved ones to feel protective of the baby and to do everything possible to ensure its safety. Unfortunately, pregnant women get in car accidents every day, and the harm done can range from minor to serious. Read on to learn more about the steps to take if you are hurt in a car wreck while pregnant.

Harm to the Mother and the Fetus

Even minor accidents can cause harm to mother and child. The baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in the uterus to a certain degree, but a direct impact to the abdominal area could injure the baby seriously. For pregnant women who are driving at the time of the wreck, the steering wheel presents a close and ever-present danger to the mother and child. Here are just a few potentially serious repercussions of a car accident on an unborn child:

  • Labor – if the labor begins too early, it can impact a widespread area of the child's well-being. Prior to 37 weeks, babies are at risk of being born prematurely. Even if labor does not begin after a wreck, if the amniotic sac breaks open, labor must soon follow.
  • Miscarriage or stillbirth
  • Placental wall separation

Take Immediate Action

Your actions directly after an accident are critical. Even if the accident did not impact your abdomen area, play it safe and see your obstetrician or report to an emergency room for a sonogram. Pre-term labor can be halted with medication, and knowing that you and your baby are safe will bring peace of mind.

Take Legal Action Immediately

Once you see your doctor, consider discussing your case with a personal injury attorney. Other drivers owe all others on the road a duty to be careful, alert, obey the rules of the road, and more. Take these steps to seek financial compensation if you or your baby has been harmed as a result of a careless driver:

  1. Speak to an attorney and don't wait too long to do so. Evidence may be lost and there is only a limited amount of time for you to take action against the other driver.
  2. Keep careful records of your medical and other expenses. You may be eligible for lost wages, property losses, pain and suffering, medical expenses and more.
  3. Consider keeping a journal to record your thoughts about the way the accident has affected your life. It might be therapeutic and can be used to prove your pain and suffering.

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