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Can You Sue A Business For Personal Injury? What You Should Know

by Marilyn Olson

If you have been injured by a business and you want to file a lawsuit to be compensated for your damages, you need to prepare for a long battle. You will need to have a personal injury lawyer on your side who will help you collect evidence to prove the business's negligence caused your injuries. Here are some things you need to know about filing a personal injury lawsuit against a business.

Your Injuries Occurred on the Property Owned by a Business

All businesses are tasked with making sure their property is safe for their patrons. Business property should be free of all hazards that could lead to an injury, or at least bring them to the attention of the patrons so no one gets hurt. Failure to do so could lead to negligence.

For instance, if you walk into a business and trip and fall over a broken step that was not blocked off or had no warning sign attributed to it, your resulting injuries could be paid for by the business if you can prove they were negligent.

The key to winning this type of claim is evidence. You will need to show evidence that your damages were severe enough to warrant a lawsuit. Your medical bills and proof of lost income is one way to prove your personal damages. You also need to prove the business acted negligently. A photo of the broken step with no signage or evidence of effort made to correct the problem, in this example, is one way to help prove the business was negligent.

Your Injuries Occurred Because of Product Failure

Another reason to sue a business is due to the failure of a product that resulted in an injury. This is referred to as product liability. Product liability includes a design flaw in the product that caused an injury. It also includes injuries due to the improper assembly of a product. You can also file a lawsuit if the product did not contain a warning label to indicate it was dangerous in some way and you were injured as a result.

Just like injuries on business property, you are going to have to prove your injuries are directly related to product liability. The business's attorney will argue that your product could have not worked properly due to user error or any number of reasons. Your attorney will have to research if other users of the product have had similar results to help prove it was not your fault but that of a faulty product. This can be a long process, so patience is key.