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Injured In A Big Rig Accident? Find Out Who You Can Sue For Your Injuries

by Marilyn Olson

When you are injured in a car accident, you can typically sue the owner of the car and/or the driver of the car if they are not the owner of the automobile. But if you were hit and injured by a big rig truck, there are a number of different people and companies that you can sue. A personal injury lawyer can help you determine what people to include in a lawsuit to maximize the chances of your getting the money you are entitled to after an injury big rig accident. Here are a few of the different people and companies you can sue if you were injured as the result of a trucking accident. 

The Truck Driver

A truck driver has a responsibility to operate the truck safely and to follow all of the rules and laws pertaining to operating and driving a commercial big rig. If the big rig driver was driving the truck to quickly, driving unsafe for the road conditions, or hasn't gotten the appropriate amount of sleep, they could be named in a lawsuit for your injuries if they cause an accident. 

The Owner of the Truck

An owner of a big rig is responsible for ensuring their big rig is properly maintained, safe for the roads and that they are allowing drivers who have the appropriate licenses to operate the big rig. If a big rig truck owner allows someone without the correct licensing or training operate the big rig, they can be held liable if the driver is involved in an accident. Additionally, if the truck is involved in an accident due to a lack of maintenance, the owner can be sued. 

The Freight Broker

A freight broker is responsible for connecting those who want items shipped with truckers who need loads to ship. But it also a freight brokers responsibility to ensure that they are giving their load to a qualified driver. If a truck driver is not qualified to transport a shipping load, and an accident occurs, the freight broker may be named in the lawsuit. 

A Truck Repair Company

In some cases, an accident occurs because repairs and maintenance are not performed. In other cases, accidents occur because repairs and maintenance are improperly done. If a repair company improperly makes repairs, and that leads to an accident occurring, the truck repair company may be sued as part of a personal injury big rig case. 

Following a big rig accident that left you injured, be sure to consult with a personal injury lawyer. They can help to preserve evidence, such as obtaining the log books of the big rig driver or witness statements. They can also help you determine who you can and should include in your personal injury lawsuit.