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The Three Benefits Of Having A DUI Attorney Inspect Your DUI Case

by Marilyn Olson

If you have been pulled over and charged with a DUI, it's definitely in your best interest to hire a DUI attorney to defend your case. However, many people don't do this and instead face their fate, especially if they know they are guilty of drinking before getting on the road. You will find, though that there are many benefits of hiring a DUI attorney to at least inspect your case before you give in to the charges that will make it all worth it. Here are the three benefits of this:

  1. Determine if the Officer Had Probable Cause: First off, an officer cannot pull you over at random and charge you with a DUI. Instead, the officer should have had valid reason to pull you over. For example, you ran a red light or you didn't stop at a stop sign. If the officer had probable cause, then your DUI charge is valid. However, if it was random, then your charge can be fought against more easily. A DUI attorney will be able to determine whether or not their was probable cause by taking a look at the police report that was written up. 
  2. Determine Probable Cause for Suspicion of Drinking: The officer must also have had probable cause to believe you had been drinking. The officer will use their own observations to determine this, but it can be fought against if the cause for suspicion is not valid. For example, if you looked a bit watery eyed, while it's a sign of drinking could also be a sign of drowsiness. Also, if there were passengers in the car and the officer was suspicious because of the smell of alcohol, it could've been coming from passengers, not the driver themselves. 
  3. Uses Weak Evidence to Lessen or Dismiss Charges: Basically, any weak evidence that is found during this process is going to be used to help defend your case. Your attorney will use it as leverage to either reduce the charges or get the charges written off completely. This is definitely ideal in situations where you have been pulled over for the second or third time for a DUI. The charges are going to increase at this point significantly. Your DUI attorney can possibly help you avoid some pretty serious consequences. 

Going to a DUI attorney after being charged with a DUI can definitely be helpful even if it's determined that your case has too much evidence to support your reasons for getting a DUI, you simply never know. Attorneys are great at finding even the smallest problem that could help defend your case.