Benefits Of Hiring Lawyers For Workers Compensation Cases

Truck Accident Attorneys On Contingency? Benefits To You

by Marilyn Olson

Lawyers work on cases in one of three ways. They get paid, they work on contingency to get paid, or they work pro bono (and get paid nothing because they write off their time to charity). It is highly unlikely that you can get a truck accident attorney to work your case pro bono, but it is understandable when you cannot hire a lawyer and pay him/her. Thankfully, there are truck accident lawyers who work on contingency. Here are the benefits to you, if you can find such a lawyer for your accident case:

He/She Does Not Get Paid Unless There Is a Recovery in Your Case

Working on contingency means that the contingency is that the lawyer wins your case. It is in his/her best interests, as well as yours, to win your case. Otherwise, the lawyer gets zero money for his/her efforts. That also means that you do not have to pay him/her dime one to work your case until you win. A percentage of the winning compensation amount, or accumulated fees, is the lawyer's cut of your compensation.

You Could Get More Money Than If You Hired Another Lawyer

If the lawyer you hire on contingency takes a flat percentage or flat fee from your compensation, it could be less than what you would have paid had you hired a lawyer that works for regular pay. The reason for this is that the lawyers that take a percentage or flat fee on contingency may have to put in several more hours of work, or your case may have to go through the appeals process a few times. Most lawyers have several fees associated with appeals processes and overtime hours on a case and charge by the quarter hour. The result is that you would probably pay more for a paid lawyer than a contingency lawyer.

Contingency Lawyers Only Take Cases They Know They Can Win

That sounds a little harsh, but the truth is, if your livelihood depends on winning all of your cases, you would only choose the ones you know you can win. If you take your case to a contingency lawyer with the hopes of getting representation without having to pay up front, you also get no-nonsense advice on your case. The contingency lawyer is more likely to tell you that your case is a slam-dunk or a no-go right from the start. He or she will also offer to take your case if there is even a remote possibility of a win, but it is good to know that he/she will tell you up front what your chances are of winning.