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Tips For Dealing With The Insurance After Your Auto Accident

by Marilyn Olson

When you experience a car accident, you will find that you have to deal with the insurance company in order to file for compensation. Unfortunately, auto accident claims can be something that you may not know how to manage. In order to help you avoid potentially costly mistakes as you are seeking compensation, you should be aware of several tips as you move through this process.

Review Your Insurance Policy

One of the first steps that you should do after experiencing an auto accident is to take the time to thoroughly review your insurance policy. While it will be the responsibility of the insurance for the driver responsible for covering these damages, your policy may offer you some benefits and protections. For example, it is common for these policies to provide rental car coverage or you may have uninsured motorist coverage. By reviewing your policy, you will understand exactly what type of benefits that you can expect from your own insurance.

Understand The Dangers Of Admitting Fault In The Accident

During the course of speaking with the insurance company, you should be very careful to avoid admitting fault in the accident. Your conversations with the insurance company will likely be recorded, and admitting fault to the accident can severely compromise your claim as this may be used as evidence to completely refuse compensation or make a low settlement offer. If you are not confident in your ability to communicate to the insurance without making this mistake, you should retain an attorney as soon as possible so that any communications can be directed through them. This may seem like it will be inconvenient, but it can be an effective way of protecting yourself against accidentally admitting liability to your accident.

Avoid Signing A Settlement Without Having It Evaluated

If your claim for the accident is approved by the insurance, you will find that you will be presented with a settlement offer. Once you sign this settlement offer, you will agree to stop any further collection actions against the insurance company. Due to this fact, you should always be extremely cautious when it comes to these offers. Prior to agreeing to any terms that are proposed by the insurance company, you may want to retain an attorney to review the claim so that they can help you determine whether it is a fair option. In situations where the offer from the insurance does not fully cover the damages that were suffered, your attorney will be able to help you make a counter offer or litigate the matter.

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