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Non-Owner Liability For Dog Bite Injury

by Marilyn Olson

Many people assume dog owners are automatically responsible for injuries caused by their animals. This is generally true, but as usual, there are exceptions. Here are examples of people who may be solely responsible for a dog bite or share the responsibility with the dog owner:


It's rare for a landlord to be held responsible for injuries caused by a tenant's dog, but it's possible. If you are injured by a renter's dog, you can only hold the landlord liable for your injuries under two conditions. First, the landlord may be responsible for the injuries if they knew that the dog was dangerous and had the power to remove the animal from the premises, but did not do so. Secondly, the landlord may be liable for your injuries if they cared for the dog in some way.

Walker or caregiver

Anybody who agrees to take care of a dog is responsible for any damages or injuries the animal may cause. This is true whether the caregiver is volunteering or is being paid by the owner of the dog. For example, if a couple hires a person to look after their dog while they are away on vacation, the hired help may also be on the hook for the injuries caused by the dog.

The Veterinarian

Holding a vet responsible for a dog attack is also rare, but it's possible. As with any injury case, you will need to prove that the vet's negligence directly led to your injury. Take an example where you take your pet to the vet's office and are then bitten by another dog roaming the premises. In such a case, you may succeed in suing the vet, especially if you can prove that they knew the dog was dangerous or that they failed to contain the dog.

Premises Managers

Lastly, if you are bitten by a dog at a shopping mall, office complex or any other public building, you may succeed in holding the managers responsible for your injuries; it all depends on the circumstances of the accident. If you are bitten by a dog in such a place, you can sue the owners on the basis of premises liability doctrine, which holds owners of premises responsible for ensuring that all visitors to the said premises are safe.

Therefore, if you are bitten by a dog, don't set your sights on the owner and end up ignoring other people. Remember that your chances of recovering maximum damages increase by roping in all the liable parties in your injury claim or lawsuit. Contact a personal injury law firm for more information.