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Construction Site Dangers to Be Aware Of

by Marilyn Olson

Most people would like to assume that their jobs and work conditions are safe. However, each year many people are injured on the job. Construction accidents often occur, and the severity of the resulting injuries varies. In some cases, death may even occur.

Perhaps you are a person who recently started working in the construction industry, or you may have a loved one who did. It is important to note that experience in the industry could minimize the chances of injuries occurring, but every construction worker should be realistic about the potential dangers of their jobs and know what to do in the event that injuries occur. 

Scaffolding Failure

Unstable scaffolding can result in serious injuries. Scaffolding can collapse due to improper installations and improper use. This is why it is recommended that scaffolding is inspected before each use. It is also important to comply with weight restrictions. 

Electrical Shock

Exposed wires are one culprit for construction site injuries. However, it is also possible for unsafe work conditions to contribute to electrical shock. For example, water in an area that contains electrical equipment could result in electrical shock. 

Trench Collapse

Some construction projects involve trench digging. The earth that is dug away can collapse on unsuspecting workers. This can result in workers getting trapped, which can cause injuries or death. The use of the correct techniques and equipment can reduce the chances of trench collapses occurring. 

Trips and Falls

Some of the equipment used on construction sites involves the use of electricity. This means that cords may run across surfaces where they could cause trips or falls to occur. Cluttered work areas can also cause falls to occur. 

Chemical Exposure

Protective personal equipment (PPE) can reduce the chances of exposure to harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, some workers are not provided equipment. This can lead to future diseases and conditions, and it can also induce respiratory problems. 

Crane Accidents

Untrained individuals are sometimes allowed to operate heavy equipment such as cranes. This puts other workers at risk for injuries. Individuals who oversee work sites need to ensure that they verify the credentials and experience of individuals who operate heavy equipment. Otherwise, they might be deemed as negligent. 

A construction accident lawyer is a good resource to use if you or a loved one is injured at a construction site. They can also be valuable resources for incidents that result in death. It is important to report injuries and seek medical attention if you are injured at a construction site. These measures can help you if you end up needing to seek compensation for your injuries.