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How To Prove The Other Driver Was At Fault For Your Car Accident

by Marilyn Olson

Car accidents happen all the time, but they can be hard to settle when the fault is not placed properly on the drivers. If you are certain the accident was the other person's fault and want to pursue compensation, you will have to prove your case. If you cannot prove the other driver caused the accident, you will not be able to seek compensation from that person for your injuries and damages. Here are several steps you may need to take to do this.

Get The Police Report

Every time the police are called to an accident, they complete an accident report. You can obtain a copy of the report by visiting the local police department. When you do this, you should carefully look it over to see who was listed at fault. If the police recorded the other driver as the person at fault, you should have no problem receiving compensation from that person's insurance company. If you are listed as the at-fault driver, you may have some problems with this; however, there might be other ways to prove your case.

Talk To The Witnesses

If anyone witnessed the accident, they may be listed on the police report as eyewitnesses. You can look at the report to see if there are any names, and you could then contact each one to talk to them about what they saw. If they can back up your side of the story, you can use their testimony as evidence.

Reconstruct The Accident Scene

Another option you could use is reconstructing the accident scene, and this is much easier to do if you have pictures of the scene, the vehicles, and any skid marks or items left behind from the accident. This information could be used to determine what really happened, and you may need to hire an accident reconstruction expert to do this. This type of expert will figure out exactly what happened in this accident, and this will tell you who was at fault for the accident. If doing this yields the conclusion you were looking for, you could have the expert testify on your behalf in your case.

One of the best things you can do to seek compensation for a car accident is to hire an auto accident attorney that specializes in car accidents. This type of lawyer will know how to help you prove fault and how to collect a good settlement for your injuries and damages.