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Why You Should Add A Biomechanical Specialist To Your Roster Of Expert Witnesses

by Marilyn Olson

When you're involved in a vehicle accident, you're only aware of the results of the crash via soft tissue injuries and property damage. However, there are quite a few forces at work during a vehicle collision that determines the outcome of the incident, forces that may not be readily evident to the average layperson. Therefore, it may be a good idea to hire a biomechanical expert to testify in your case. Here's what this professional does and how the person can help you win adequate compensation for your damages.

The Physics of an Auto Accident

There are a number of factors that affect the location and severity of bodily injuries. These factors include but aren't limited to:

  • How fast you and the other person were driving at the point of impact
  • Whether you were wearing a seatbelt or the airbag deployed
  • Where the crash occurred on the vehicle (e.g. rear-end, head-on)
  • The number of vehicles involved in the collision
  • Your physiology and current state of health

A combination of these items can leave you with injuries that end up being far more severe than it would seem possible, given the circumstances. This can cause problems for you during your case, because it may make it appear as though you were trumping up your injuries for more money.

Even if this weren't the case, sometimes accidents include a lot of technical aspects that may be difficult for a jury to understand. This can make it challenging for them to fully appreciate the severity of your injuries and/or property damage, and you may end up being inadequately compensated as a result.

How a Biomechanical Expert Can Help

Medical professionals, such as doctors and specialists, are a critical part of your accident case. However, they can only testify about your injuries and the treatment needed to return you to normal (or as close to it as possible).

A biomechanical expert, on the hand, typically has training and experience in both engineering and medicine and can provide expert testimony on how the technical aspects of the crash caused or contributed to your injuries. For example, if you sustained a bruised rib during the crash, the biomechanical expert can determine if the seatbelt played a part in the injury by looking at the force of impact, whether the seatbelt locked up, the angle of which you were hit, and other factors.

This type of testimony can provide the court with the knowledge needed to arrive at a fair decision. At a minimum, it can help a judge or jury understand how your injuries arose and make your claims appear more credible.

For more information about how this type of expert witness can help your case or assistance with finding someone appropriate to testify on your behalf, contact a personal injury attorney, like Monohan & Blankenship, today!