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Some Things You Need To Know About Personal Injury Lawsuit Terms

by Marilyn Olson

If you are like the majority of people, you have heard of personal injury lawsuits, but you have never filed one against another person. But if you have been in some sort of accident or have a complaint against another person where you need to get compensation for your damages, you might be considering filing a personal injury lawsuit. Here are some things that you need to know about common lawsuit terms.

What Do I Need To Know About The Initial Consultation?

Most attorneys will offer a free consultation for the first time you meet with them. This is the time when they will go over the details of the case and let you know if it is worth filing a lawsuit. In some situations, they will assess the facts and tell you that it is not worth the amount of money that is in dispute. This means that the time you file the lawsuit and the amount of time it will take will leave you losing more than you have to gain. Another reason they may discourage you from filing the lawsuit is if you don't have enough evidence or facts in your favor, so you are unlikely to win the case.

This is why the free consultation is so great. It allows you to talk to the attorney without any money lost to you. So during this time, bring in all documents related to the case. Get all of your facts straight and don't exaggerate anything. Just present the facts and let the attorney determine your chances.

What Does Contingency Mean?

Many personal injury lawsuits will be done on contingency. This means that the attorney won't charge you anything unless you win the case. If you were to pay hourly fees, you would pay the lawyer even if you lost the case. However, a contingency fee is usually a percentage of the winnings. For instance, if you win, you will have to pay the attorney somewhere around a third of the amount that you win. This is because they take on a big risk with your case, and so they also get a big payoff.

What Does It Mean To Settle?

The majority of cases settle. This means that they never go to trial, so you won't go into a courtroom. Instead, you will have mediation with the other party, where you will compromise and find a solution you can both work with. You may not get as much money off the settlement, but you will save time and money in the long run.

By understanding these things, you can be more prepared to file a personal injury lawsuit. Contact a law firm like Kiernan Personal Injury Attorneys PA for additional information.