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3 Things You Shouldn't Do Following A Motor Vehicle Accident

by Marilyn Olson

It's a good idea to consider your actions very carefully following an accident. In fact, you should even think about what you would do after an accident before you even get into one. Accidents can be very scary and you could do things that will ultimately harm you. In particular, here are a few things you should try your best to avoid for your own personal convenience and safety:

1. Say That You're Sorry

Contrary to popular belief, saying that you're sorry does not necessarily mean that you are culpable for an accident. But it can complicate things if it is brought up later. If you do slip and say that you're sorry -- which is a normal instinct -- your car accident lawyer can still take action to protect you. However, it is still best not to talk to the other person involved in the accident at all. You are in no obligation to speak with them.

2. Refuse Medical Aid

When an ambulance comes, it can be very tempting to send them away. You may be concerned about the costs or you might just feel fine. But it's usually best to take an ambulance if it does come. Your insurance is designed to cover issues such as this. Taking an ambulance means that you will have a very obvious paper trail regarding your possible injuries. Otherwise it could be questioned when you actually became injured. 

3. Talk to the Other Person's Insurance Company

You are under no obligation to talk to the other person's insurance company. In fact, you're not even obligated to talk to your own company -- you can simply report an accident and state that a more detailed report will be forthcoming. It's a better idea to talk to your car accident lawyer before you ever talk to an insurance company, even your own.

You do need to talk to the police if they are involved but you can request contact with your lawyer before giving them a statement. In the event that someone has been injured or there has been significant property damage, you should always speak with a lawyer first.

If you feel any doubt whatsoever, you should call your car accident lawyer immediately. Until you are advised by your car accident lawyer as to what to do, you should avoid making any comments or decisions. A car accident can be very serious and the exact consequences of the accident -- both financial and physical -- may not be immediately obvious.

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